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Center for Medicare (CM)


  1. Serves as CMS' focal point for the formulation, coordination, integration, implementation, and evaluation of national Medicare program policies and operations.
  2. Identifies and proposes modifications to Medicare programs and policies to reflect changes or trends in the health care industry, program objectives, and the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. Coordinates with the Office of Legislation on the development and advancement of new legislative initiatives and improvements.
  3. Serves as CMS' lead for management, oversight, budget and performance issues relating to Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, Medicare fee-for-service providers and contractors.
  4. Oversees all CMS interactions and collaboration with key stakeholders relating to Medicare (i.e., plans, providers, other government entities, advocacy groups, Consortia) and communication and dissemination of policies, guidance and materials to same to understand their perspectives and to drive best practices in the health care industry.
  5. Develops and implements a comprehensive strategic plan, objectives and measures to carry out CMS' Medicare program mission and goals and position the organization to meet future challenges with the Medicare program and its beneficiaries.
  6. Coordinates with the Center for Program Integrity on the identification of program vulnerabilities and implementation of strategies to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.