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Office of Strategic Programs (OSP)

  • Advises and assists the Director, CDER and other key agency officials concerning the performance of the FDA CDER planning, analysis, and business informatics activities.
  • Leads Center-wide strategic and operational planning and analysis.
  • Leads business process analysis and business process planning to ensure effective design, development and utilization of information systems, electronic, electronic data and analytic tools to optimize regulatory business processes.
  • Represents CDER in the FDA BioInformatics Board, ensuring that CDER's needs are reflected in enterprise initiatives, and vice versa.
  • Develops, installs, and monitors Center-wide business process and performance tracking systems.
  • Advises and assists the Director of CDER and other key Center and Agency officials concerning the planning and performance, strategic information management, and business process support, for CDER programs.
  • Serves as chief liaison to Office of the Commissioner for strategic and business information needs and process planning, and analysis of business needs, plans and performance results, including briefings for the FDA Commissioner, other FDA senior management, and external stakeholders, including HHS, OMB, Congress, patient and consumer advocates, and regulated industry.

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