Use Case 2: Improved access to physician registry

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Use case summary


  • Problem: Physician phone numbers and addresses provided by NPPES are often outdated and emails are missing. There are many companies and organizations involved in consumerization of healthcare and physician quality services. But the outdated or missing data from NPPES NPI registry results in confusion and frustration from patients. Additionally, the specialty taxonomy is often incorrect or incomplete.
  • Solution: (1) Ensure a minimum degree of accuracy for phone numbers, addresses, emails and specialty taxonomy. (2) Provide the dataset on a more frequent basis. (3) Provide an API service to retrieve the latest information on a physician based on search criteria, such as NPI or name.


  • Value to customer: ___
  • Value to industry/public: Applies to dozens of companies and organizations providing in consumerization of healthcare and physician quality services.


  • and any company or registry relying on NPPES data

Current data and limitation

  • Data source: ___
    • How it's used: ___
    • Limitations: ___


  • Fields: _______
  • Update frequency: _______
  • Joins between datasets: _______
  • Lag time: _______
  • History: _______
  • Delivery mechanism: _______


Short term workaround

  • ___

Long term implementation

  • ___